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Dear Participants,

Hope must be ready for today morning MEGA [email protected] And all the best to all the participants for ROUND # 1.

Just a little brief about today questioner markings:

Total 30 questions in 30 minutes;

Q.01 to Q.10 will be of 2 mark each with a total of 20 marks.

Q.11 to Q.15 will be of 3 mark each with a total of 15 marks.

Q.16 to Q.25 will be of 4 mark each with a total of 40 marks.

Q.26 to Q.30 will be of 5 mark each with a total of 25 marks.

The paper has been tailored with basic to upper level in design engineering. It has been taken to different ladders to check the optimum knowledge and we hope participants will find it very interesting and realistic.  

Note: Participants can use Pen or Pencil to fill the circles of Answer Sheet.


Again, All the best and let’s see who will win the race.