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Upcoming DAuto Design Quest in Bhopal

So gear up yourself and be prepared for the upcoming MEGA DAuto Design Quest @ BHOPAL.

Engineering like an automobile at times. It may run with no problems until you are driving with your experiences. The problem occurs when smoke comes out of the hood of your car and you have no practical knowledge to fix it!


DAuto makes it possible for confronting the actual value of engineering through DDQ


DAuto organizes yet another DAuto Design Quest in Bhopal:


DAuto showcases a Design Quest for engineering students who really want to display their talent and practical approach.


“It’s been told that it’s not the destination that counts, but the ride that’s taken is important”.


This quest is open for all the students who want to take an experience of a ride!


You will be simply asked for showing your design capability as best as you can. We reward and encourage such talent with name & fame. There is no bar on the participants i.e. students belonging to any branch and semester can participate in this design quest.