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DAuto News Letter Edition 107 Launched In July 2018

DAuto Newsletter Section contains reports from all around the world, gathered everything in an efficient, simple and robust structure of latest and surround technology. Learn about technology and engineering comprehensively on DAuto Newsletter Edition # 107 July 2018


You can find more interesting features and fun about technology. This section offers detailed and accurate knowledge about past, present and future events and update on engineering terminologies. The Premium Features Covered Under this Edition are...


  • Goodwood 2018: the Michelin Supercar Paddock
  • New 3D printer can create complex biological tissues
  • Graphene smart membranes can control water
  • Rolls-Royce is developing a flying taxi propulsion system
  • Electronic skin brings a sense of touch to prosthetics
  • 500-year-old Leaning Tower of Pisa mystery unveiled by engineers
  • Technical Expertise & Collaboration Deliver Prestigious Industry Award For Newport Bridge Project
  • Maserati unveils the 550hp Levante GTS
  • BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento
  • Students' Corner



Here you Go...  News Letter Edition July 2018

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