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DAuto News Letter Edition 114 February 2019 Is Here To Read

DAuto Newsletter Section contains reports from all around the world, gathered everything in an efficient, simple and robust structure of latest and surround technology. Learn about technology and engineering comprehensively on DAuto Newsletter Edition # 114 February 2019


You can find more interesting features and fun about technology. This section offers detailed and accurate knowledge about past, present and future events and update on engineering terminologies. The Premium Features Covered Under this Edition are...


  • 2019 Toyota Camry hybrid launch in India on 18 January
  • The V-Class The spacious sedan with star
  • These Robotic dogs take fetch to a whole new level
  • Travelling at 600mph:India’s Hyperloop dreams take shape in the Nevada Desert
  • New Robot Science museum will construct itself in Seoul
  • Warka water towers collect clean drinking water from the ‘Lakes in the air’
  • Green Water-purification system  works without heavy metals or corrosive chemicals
  • AI can now decode Words directly from Brain waves
  • Curved building by Jun Igarashi architects doubles as sake store and residence in japan
  • Harley-Davidson shows off its electric scooter concept and it’s pretty cool
  • GM Unveils ‘ARIV’ E-Bikes, Plans Europe Launch in Second Quarter
  • Electra meccanica takes on tesla with this three-wheeler solo micro car
  • Students' Corner



Here you Go...  News Letter Edition February 2019

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