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DAuto News Letter Edition 115 March 2019 Can Be Read Here

DAuto Newsletter Section contains reports from all around the world, gathered everything in an efficient, simple and robust structure of latest and surround technology. Learn about technology and engineering comprehensively on DAuto Newsletter Edition # 115 March 2019


You can find more interesting features and fun about technology. This section offers detailed and accurate knowledge about past, present and future events and update on engineering terminologies. The Premium Features Covered Under this Edition are...


  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo gets design for improved Aerodynamics
  • Robots will aid visitors to their seat during Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • Refrigerant System cools without Chemicals
  • The Groundbreaking BMW X7 combines innovative design and inspiring presence
  • Ennead architects plans nature reserve with a public aquarium in China
  • In the design of hotel Torshavn, Architecture influenced by faroe islands sea caves                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Launched globally last year, the AMG C43 Coupe comes to India as a CBU
  • Magnetic Nano-bot Travel in Cells
  • Harley-Davidson shows off its electric scooter concept and it’s pretty cool
  • Solar Powered Hydrogen Collects Clean water out of thin Air
  • Lazareth’s flying motorcycle goes from road to sky in 60 seconds
  • MUJI debuts a self-driving bus that can handle all weather conditions
  • Students' Corner




Here you Go...  News Letter Edition March 2019


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