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DAuto Signs MOU with Geo Engineering and Hydrodata Italy.


ITALY: The DAuto Engineering Private Limited, Bhopal has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Geo Engineering (S.R.L.) and Hydrodata (S.P.A.) Italy to collaborate to address a wide range of projects related to water resources management, climate change mitigation plans, infrastructures design and development of land resources at a global level across the industry. 


GEO with its three decades of extensive experience manages the entire cycle of consultancy services, Design, Planning related to the interaction between structures, soils & rocks, water bodies and groundwater. GEO refers to appropriate procedures, customized for institutional bodies, companies and enterprises and private citizens. It works with a regime of quality certified by national Agency, a network of qualified suppliers specialized into geognostic, geophysical, monitoring investigations and able to provide turn-key solutions. GEO enhances its operational flexibility through a constant interaction of personnel engaged in the office and in the construction sites.


On the other hand, HYDRODATA has been providing its services in the fields of technical and economical consultancy, engineering and applied research into hydraulics and water resources management since four decades. It works with a regime of quality certified by national Agency since 1998. Hydrodata identifies its own strategy of action into progressive technological and scientific innovation, conditioning the professional specialization and operational efficiency based on a network organization, referring to a wide range of projects, focused not only on water but also to related development of land resources.


The organizations will work together for various activities like exchanging statistics and dynamic practices related to the respective Water Resources Management and industries. Further, the DAuto, GEO and Hydrodata will share information on the ecosystem, new practices and technological developments on the projects. 

"The MoU pictures strengthening the technological, scientific and management capabilities of Madhya Pradesh and the Italian company in the field of water management on the basis of parity, reciprocity and mutual advantage”. It offers for technical exchange on water problems, including the integrated water resource management plans within river basins, dams and through study visits.

The MoU also aims at helping DAuto to identify key environmental issues and approaches to sustainable development, and technology transfer, where exchange of experiences and cooperation could be mutually beneficial to strengthen and further develop cooperation between the companies, states and thus countries on water management and its projects. 


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