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Radharaman Engineering College Ratibad Placed DAuto Expert Lecture No. 200

BHOPAL- 14-02-2019: The Radharaman Engineering College (REC) Bhopal, placed an Expert Lecture of DAuto in college campus to facilitate its engineering students with the experience of industry experts, industrial needs for getting the jobs, opportunities in various sectors and latest demands of various sectors from the engineering youth.  The topic chosen for the Lecture was design for manufacturing and construction. The students shown their interest in knowing the various aspects of Lecture’s topics. While the engineering students focused on being creative and manifesting in a reality of product possibilities, DAuto experts spoke on different perspectives for pursuing engineering and its benefits.


The seminar was initiated with the introductory definition of CAD/CAM/CAE and its application in the radical changing industrial product development concepts. The definition had also encompassed the significance of CAD & CAE application software in Product Life cycle Management and Concurrent Engineering for the Product Development. With this, industrial oriented steps in designing and manufacturing a product and their influence over the productivity and quality of required Product were delivered.

Product development is also not exclusive to designing, implementing and selling new products. Existing products can go through product development to renovation old features or add new features so the product sells better or adds greater value to consumers. Any time a new product is created and sold – or any time an existing product has added features and is resold – it is going through product development.  The Lecture displayed an entire cycle of a product and the project plans to be developed.

The experts have also strived for one to one interaction with the engineering field related doubts of students. And, the learning zest of novice engineers has motivated to great extent making this industrial oriented seminar successful whose consequences can be judged by their remarkable feedback at the end of event.

I like the way in which Dauto deliver the lecture which motivate us to learn such kind of designing tools and skilled our self for Industries. Amit Vishwakarma (ME 3rd, Year).

This is a good semianr for me and I wish to be the part of Dauto in future and love to work in R&D field. Shiv Kumar (ME 2nd, Year)

I am very glad to meet Dauto engineers and the knowledge which they share with us was amazing. They share a very expensive knowledge for our engineering purpose . Your facilities are also very good for us which is very helpful. Prateek Sahu (ME 3rd, Year)

This seminar was interesting and we learnt the new design things. This is really very good or our carrier. Sugreev Kumar Ram (ME 3rd, Year)


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