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Sagar Institute of Science Technology And Research Bhopal Placed DAuto Expert Lecture No.199 For Civil Engineering Students

BHOPAL- 12-10-2018: The Sagar Institute of Science, Technology and Research (Sistec-R), Bhopal placed an Expert Lecture of DAuto which   takes Initiative to Develop Knowledge, Interest and Enthusiasm towards Research, Design and Development of Mechanical & Civil Sector for Student’s Career. The topic chosen for the Lecture was design for manufacturing and construction. The students shown their interest in knowing the various aspects of Lecture’s topics. While the engineering students focused on being creative and manifesting in a reality of product possibilities, DAuto experts spoke on different perspectives for pursuing engineering and its benefits.

DAuto’s Expert Lecture was complimented by all students which made them aware about the opportunities available in the market and how to reach their goal. DAuto put the opportunities, chances, methods, and ways to become most successful engineer just after the graduation.

This event takes the initiative to elaborate knowledge, ideas, interest and enthusiasm towards Research, Design and Development field. The students also got a chance to see a few Live Projects, Proto Type Components, and Final Production Components on various automotive companies who also happens to be DAuto’s clients working on CATIA, UniGraphics software. Some of the key features make it extra special like Projection ideas, options and understanding, Technology transfer and its usage. The Lecture displayed an entire cycle of a product and the project plans to be developed.
The concept well defined by the DAuto’s experts to the students with the help of physical components, prototypes and its CAD, analysis and realistic problems to solve. The students enjoyed the Lecture thoroughly and given their remarks at the end of the event. Some of them are;

Seminar was very effective .I got some knowledge of design of automotive parts of Industry and also got idea about software other than AutoCAD and Pro-E. Ankit Verma, SISTEC (Sagar Institute of Science and Technology and Research, Bhopal), (IIIrd Sem, CE.)

Good seminar with effective ideas .Please conducts more seminar for us due to which we also know that what we know from it which helps in future. - Sujeet Vishwakarma, SISTEC (Sagar Institute of Science and Technology and Research, Bhopal), (Vth Sem, CE)

Seminar was nice much more emphasis should be given by institute to the Engineering students because in this field awareness is very important should always arrange this type of seminar in college.
- Mesher Bhuyan, SISTEC (Sagar Institute of Science and Technology and Research, Bhopal), (VIIth Sem, CE).

It’s a pleasure to be a part of your esteemed group. In future your support will make us to go a great achievement in the field of Design Engineer. - Sumit Kumar Singh, SISTEC (Sagar Institute of Science and Technology and Research, Bhopal) (VIIthSem, ME).


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