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  • What does DAuto Engineering Private Limited do?
  • The DAuto Engineering Private Limited a Car design Company is a global provider of specialty research, design, analysis and product development. Please click here to read more information.
  • Where do I find current news about a company?
  • Go to Home
    Scroll over the Search tab, then type the word to see the relevant News.
    To see the entire News, scroll down and click on “Show All News” in left bottom of the page.
  • Do you have any jobs available?
  • Please visit Work at DAuto page on our website and apply with relative profile. Application will be forwarded to the connected department, in case of an opening you will be notifying after getting scrutinized.
    You may also feel free to submit your resume to us via email at careers@dauto.co.in with appropriate subject. eg;application for the position of Design Engineer
  • In which Sector your Company works?
  • The DAuto mainly works in Automotive, Power, Civil, Electrical, Agriculture, Consumer goods, General engineering sectors etc. However there is no constraint, an approach can be crafted by a small firm too.
  • Do you work internationally?
  • We provide engineering services for various countries, continents or states such as; North America, Europe, Poland, India and other.
  • I am a customer, how do I request for my product to be designed?
  • You can use the “Request a Quote” for your desired project along with elaboration of the plan.
    For making discussion, a call can be made on 0755-4244404. The relative member will get back to you with solutions.
  • How do I transfer data to you?
  • You may either email. Fax, courier, direct submission or use our FTP to instant transfer files to our server.
  • What kind of 3D outputs are offered?
  • It depends on the clients on which platform they require the 3D output. Although our major client base go for obtaining the 3D models in CATIA and Unigraphics.
  • Will DAuto use my data for other purposes?
  • No. The security of our customers' data is of utmost importance to DAuto. DAuto comprehends the privacy and security obligatory to protect information, material and processes. DAuto will never share, sell or distribute any data or information of the client to the third party without the prior written consent.
  • What is the delivery time on a typical project?
  • The projects at DAuto vary from a few simple sections to complex assemblies that contain several hundreds or thousands of components. Our vital team of experienced engineers and experts makes possible to meet even the most demanding deadlines.
  • How can I track the status of project and Data?
  • Each project is assigned a project manager who manages the project and the client relationship. The project status and updates can be obtained via phone or email from project managers daily during normal business hours.
    However, based on your project size and with prior agreement, DAuto can send weekly reports that categorize the status of execution.
  • How do you follow the CAD standards?
  • DAuto follows CAD standards as supplied by the customer. But, in the absence of prescription we use broadly accepted default standards.
  • What are the codes on which your designs based?
  • DAuto teams are acquainted with Italian, American, British, Canadian, Euro and Indian codes. We are also conversant with supplementary code requirements in US involving to FEMA, AISC, OSHA, etc.
  • How do you ensure accuracy of our drawings and documents?
  • At the time of taking your project in hands, we ask for as much detail as possible so we can make sure that everything we do matches within your parameters and looks exactly as you desired.
  • What is your QC procedure?
  • DAuto has a robust quality assurance or inspection process to confirm the quality of all specifications, drawings, models and other outputs.
    Our quality procedures are especially designed for the diversity of works we commence. Our ability to follow the set parameters, innovations with logical ideas and confidence to guarantee deliver quality products.
  • How do you charge?
  • DAuto works on hourly basis and so charge. In certain cases, a fixed-price bid is offered.
  • Are you an ISO certified?
  • Yes, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm.