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DAuto with its excellent domain and technical knowledge plus extensive expertise in engineering and design service capabilities provides cost-effective solutions to customer satisfying all their needs as well as taking care of all other factors such as environment-pressures, cost and scope in future (more factors to be added). We offer high quality services to our clients by providing end to end engineering services enabled through: “Effective multi shoring delivery model harnessing costs, skills and speed from across the globe from the available domain expertise at ‘India Design Centre' in respective actual models including expertise in complete product engineering & multiple CAD systems to address all development processes in Automobile, Power & General Engineering streams.”

CAD/CAM/CAE Solutions

The rapid growing engineering industries and companies work around the world for heightening and bringing their products to the market faster along with probable cost. CAD/CAM/CAE is the most common part of engineering and product development. Our cardinal engineering solutions shape synergy between latest design tools and systems to allow efficacies in the engineering process.

We Offer;


DAuto team is up-to-date and adroit with the latest CAD tools such as Catia, Unigraphics, AutoCad and many more letting us to offer complete range of CAD design solutions.

Engineering Analysis

The finite element (FE) technique can take the conjecture out of the design process, and reduce spans for product support and enhancements. Through FEA, we resolve and address the critical design issues such as; material selection, strength etc.
We use latest software and tools to optimize facilities in many aspect of product design like; Meshing, Structural analysis (Static and Dynamic), Linear & Non linear analysis, Buckling, Model Analysis, Sheet Metal Forming, Extrusion, Forging (Hot & Cold), Casting, and Force Vibration etc.

Manufacturing & Process planning

Studies and documentation are required to classify the ultimate manufacturing processes and system requirement. With comprehensive range of design engineering from preliminary stage of product, process, planning and production, we produce cost-effective and manufacture-able solutions.

Engineering Change Management

We help in streamlining engineering change management process, and decrease cycle time by faster execution of engineering change orders (ECOs). We move the data precisely and reliably, and protected a speedy and effective engineering change process through a committed VPN network or safeguarded FTP.