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DAuto is dedicated to a quality policy which ensures that its product and services meet the customer requirements at all times. This manual describes the quality assurance system to provide conformity. The quality policy demands total involvement of all employees and clear communication of the principles and objectives concerned with client

  • New technology and practices are applied, supported by tailored training where necessary, to ensure that successful implementation is achieved.
  • Continuously move towards our zero defect goal..
  • In recognition of our policy aims, we are committed to operating a quality system which complies with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Time of the Management Review, the quality system and the quality policy statement will be reviewed for continuing suitability.
  • This quality policy statement is communicated to personnel at all levels within the organization.


“The Company has established further specific measurable objectives as noted below…”

  • To monitor the quality of service provided and the designed product.
  • We aim to reduce non-conformities.
  • To clearly identify and respond to customers’ current and future requirements.
  • To monitor trends through customer concerns.
  • To maintain appropriate resources to achieve on time delivery and maintain the customer satisfaction.
  • To monitor the design of products on authorized grounds to consistently satisfy the quality of product required.
  • To monitor and sustain profitability.
  • In addition, the Company ensures that all significant technical, design and associated administrative activities.
  • Activities are integrated within a framework of management control described as the Q.M.S.

DAuto also ensures that within the overall framework of management control specific, quality objectives associated with various functions will be established at relevant levels within the organization to ensure that the product requirements are met and customer satisfaction is assured.