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In order to encourage learning among students through live practical situations DAuto motivates and guides towards career and opportunities in various sector with required path , which also attracts students to participate in all the extracurricular activities like quizzes, sports day, Technical event such as BAJA, SUPRA SAE, ROBOTICS, JUNKYARD, ROBOWAR and many more Contribution of students in the publication of the In House Newsletter, Journals and news stories to different media organizations is promoted. These activities aim at; developing the leadership, team building and organizing skills essential for success in corporate world.
Industrial and Educational visits are the essential part of curriculum, which students can mention in their curriculum vitae to make it readable and effective as well.

Among various career counseling activities for BE students, FREE industrial visit for its members is most attractive. With an aim to go beyond academics, these visits are arranged to develop the insights of the students attaining practical knowledge and their theoretical applications.

"Industrial visit is considered as one of the most tactical methods of teaching. The main reason behind this, it lets students to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from academic point of view it to".

We take a group of students for a guided tour into the premises of various industries, providing them information about the background of the companies and their current position in the global business scenario.

The aim of such visit;
- Exposure to Actual Working Conditions.
- Making Students Aware with Industry Practices.
- Increasing Practical Awareness of various Industrial Sectors.
- Acquainting Students with Interesting Facts and Breath-Taking Technologies.

As an integral part of the engineering course, all the students in the first to last year go on industrial visit. This industrial visit provided an insight on our companies work and also useful information related to the career which can be visualized in counseling.
Students who are desired to enter into research organization and chosen engineering for their mile of stone for making career get connect with this event in DAuto. It gives a lot of information about the apparatus set up, contraction and expansion of leading manufacturers Product. The students learn about the assembling, manufacturing and testing of parts.

Industrial visit will be start in upcoming 5 (five working days) for more information please click on the Contact Us